The Different Types of Editors

“I would like you to proof my manuscript. I’ve just finished writing it and I’ve read over it a zillion times, so I know it’s ready for an editor.” If you’re saying or thinking this, then you’re probably right. Your manuscript is ready for an editor. But it’s NOT ready for a proofreader, and depending on what …Continue Reading

Sidekick Tip for Authors: Spreadsheets Are Your Friend!

No one ever told you that being an author meant keeping track of so much information, did they? Sales numbers, reviewers, advertising expenses, submissions to promo sites, ad results, plot points, character details… this list could go on forever! Sticky notes get lost, notebooks fill up, and let’s not forget tax time is around the …Continue Reading

Sidekick Tip for Authors: Organization is KEY!

Happy New Year, everyone! Last November, I took a long look at my new Sidekick business and decided I wanted to make 2016 an AMAZING year! I soon realized I can’t make that happen without a plan. After all, no superhero sidekick can just dive into battle with the Big Bad without a plan, right? So, I set …Continue Reading