Like another comic book character who also wore a cape, Jenn Oliver worked for over 10 years at a daily newspaper. She utilized her Business Management degree in becoming the first Universal Customer Service Manager for Cox Newspapers and the 2nd person to hold that position in the nation. Building relationships with clients, handling administrative tasks related to managing a department, and creating well-written content for publication were just a few of the superpowers she learned to wield.

As the author of dark urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers, Jenn is familiar with the devious and evil masterminds that challenge authors in the publishing industry today.
She is also a Certified Professional Life Coach and a Certified Goal Success Life Coach. Using her abilities in business and sales, her training as a Life Coach, and her knowledge and experience as an Indie Author, Jenn fights alongside her Superhero clients as their trusty and reliable Sidekick to help them reach their publishing dreams.

Born and raised in Northeastern North Carolina, Jenn’s secret lair is her home office located somewhere near Fayetteville. She resides there with her Siberian Retriever named Tucker, who loves to “talk,” steals socks, and will do almost anything for a cookie. When she’s not wearing her Sidekick mask or working on her next story, you can find Jenn immersed in a good book, dancing around the house as she cleans, or enjoying time with her family and friends.

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