Sidekick Marketing Support Services

Bookbub Ad Creation and Mainenance
Hour rate applies ($35/hr). Does not include ad spend.

Want to start running Bookbub ads but you have no idea where to start, how to make the graphic, or even figure out the best campaign strategy? I can help!

I can build the graphic, set up the test ads to find the right audience, help create the campaigns and manage the ads for on-going campaigns. I can also provide reports and data for each ad.

**(My rate for this only includes my time to create and maintain the ads and campaigns. It does not include the amount of budget that is spent for each ad – that is an additional cost.)

Social Media Posting and Scheduling
Hour rate applies ($35/hr).

Do you feel like you’re spending too much time on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram? So many things to post and no time to do it? Let me do it for you!

I can help you post on your social media accounts, and can even help you schedule posts ahead of time. I can post using your account to schedule promos and updates, but all other posts which may interact with fans or answer questions will be done as your ASSISTANT using my own Sidekick Jenn page/profile. I will not pose as you, nor talk to your fans and readers as if I am you. This is so that your voice and my own style will not be contradictory, thus confusing your readers and seeming fake. Everything will be done with your approval and in the best interest of your brand.

Social Media Posting and Scheduling
Hour rate applies ($35/hr).

Set up giveaways/contests on Rafflecopter or other platforms – Running a contest? Awesome! I can help by setting up a Rafflecopter, sort entries, select winners, and send off the digital prizes to the winners.

Is there a service or administrative task you need help with but don’t see listed?
Have no fear, Sidekick Jenn is here… for you!

Contact me and let’s talk about it!

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